Randy Hood

Senior Pastor

On staff in Vancouver from 1978-1992 and Spokane since 1995

Randy Hood, Senior Pastor
Randy Hood, Senior Pastor

Spouse or Kids? My wife Shauna, 4 kids, 4 in-law kids, 2 semi-adopted kids and 9 grandchildren
Favorite Vacation – Last year, we took four week, 5200 mile road trip across the country – It was so fun going and seeing new sites and family, camping at parks with snakes and Walmart stores and everything else in between. We were hit by massive storms and bugs comparable to a biblical plague. It was a great adventure!  
What would we find you doing on your day off –  I would like you to find me riding my motorcycle in the sun.  However, there are times you will find me working on bills, or fixing something, or laying in the sun (at the lake).
What hobby or interest you have that people would find surprising? – I enjoy doing things with my hands. It might be working on the car or around the house. I have enjoyed doing things which make me set up a plan and learn something new, like building the agriculture fence for the community garden. That was way out of my comfort zone. It is very fulfilling when it all works out as planned.  Periodically, I also enjoy white water rafting.
Text emoji – I like the 😬 Gromit and Wallace “emoji” smile. It reminds me of one of my grandkids.
Most important thing you want people to know about Jesus – Jesus is not just God’s Son, He is my best friend! It is an amazing thing knowing the God of the universe and talking with Him every day. You can experience Him also!  


Jill Patrick

Children’s Pastor

On staff since June 2013

Jill Patrick, Children's Pastor
Jill Patrick, Children’s Pastor

Thanks for taking a minute to check out New Horizons! I am glad you are here and hope you feel welcome as you explore who we are and what we are all about. Please know you are free to relax, ask questions, and participate as much or little as you want.

Spouse and kids:  As for me, I am married to my amazing husband, Todd, and we have two boys, Zach and Justin. However, our family seems to be constantly changing. Currently, we have two international students from China, but have had other international and many foster kids over the years as well.
Favorite vacation: Our family really enjoys vacations that take us to the sunshine and water, whether this be the beach or places like Lake Chelan or Priest Lake. There is something relaxing about being by the water, having no schedule to keep, then telling stories and making memories around the camp fire at night.
What would you find me doing on my day off? Although I do not consider myself over the top when it comes to cleaning, I do enjoy having things in order occasionally. So, for the first few hours of my day off, you will often find me getting a layer of dirt off the counters and floors before heading to the store to restock the fridge and pantry. After that, I hope to find time to catch up with a friend or family member over coffee before the troops get home and we head out for sports or other evening activities.
Most used emoji: When I send you a text, it will often include a smiley face emoji because I like happy things 😀. However, I do tend to have a bit of sarcastic side to me so the wink emoji 😉is also frequently used to let you know to not take some things too seriously.
What I want people to know about Jesus: Most importantly, I hope you know that no matter where you are in life, Jesus is crazy about you and wants to have relationship with you! I hope you join me as we grow in relationship together!!


Lauren Higley

Office Administrator, Worship Leader

On staff since Oct. 2015. 

Lauren Freeman, Secretary/Administrator, Worship Leader
Lauren Freeman, Secretary/Administrator, Worship Leader

Spouse & Kids: Just married to Noah in July, and we have two cats!
Favorite vacation: My sister and I went to Ecuador for Christmas in 2015, and that trip was incredible! We stayed with close friends who are from Ecuador, so we had locals to show us the best places. The landscape of the country was incredible, the food was delicious, and I had an excuse to dust off my high school Spanish skills. Someday I would love to go to New Zealand and Australia because the landscape is beautiful and they have amazing accents.
What would we find you doing on your day off? I love doing things outdoors, hiking, playing frisbee, reading, writing songs, doing Escape rooms and watching Fixer Upper (my current obsession). 
What’s a hobby/interest you have that people would find surprising? I like making jewelry, and when I was little I thought I would do that as a career. 
What’s the third most used emoji? My third most used emoji would be one of the monkeys🐵 🐒. They can convey so many different emotions! This 😂 is my favorite! I’m a pretty happy and easy-going person and I find a lot of things funny, so I use this all the time.
Briefly, what’s the most important thing you would want people to know about Jesus? You will never feel complete or satisfied until Jesus is a part of your life. It can be so easy to search for fulfillment in your job, your accomplishments, your appearance, your family, etc. But Jesus is the only thing in this world that truly satisfies.



Ministry Leadership Team (MLT)

In addition to our staff, we have volunteer leaders who partner with the staff in developing ministries in the church. 

Steve Shining

MLT Member

Steve Shining, MLT Associate
Steve Shining, MLT Member

Spouse and Kids: My Wife Patty and I have been married for 53 years, we have 3 Daughters, seven Grandchildren, and 4 Great Grandchildren. All of them live in the Spokane area.
Favorite Vacation: My favorite Vacation would be my yearly trips to Yellowstone National Park, I have gone there 32 times to photograph the beauty of Nature and Wildlife there, it is a magical place.
What would we find you doing on your days off? My days off are spent working on my Property near my Home Town of Cusick Wa, and also doing photography all around the Northwest.
What’s a hobby/interest you have that people would find surprising? I have a great passion for photography, my favorite subjects are in Nature and Wildlife, plus I also do a lot of Landscape Photography.
Briefly, what’s the most important thing you would want people to know about Jesus? If I could tell someone about Jesus in two words it would be that He is Loving and Forgiving.  Plus he teaches us to be the same, Loving and Forgiving of others.


Kristina Beal

MLT Member/Small Group Coordinator

Kristina Beal, Small Group Coordinator
Kristina Beal, Small Group Coordinator

Hi I’m Kristina Beal. I’ve been overseeing the Small Group ministry since the fall of 2016. If you want to get involved and truly get plugged in to meeting and knowing others in the church small group is the best way to achieve those relationship goals. I’ve been involved with a small group in NHCC and other churches for the last 15 years and I can’t recommend it enough. I am not on staff with NHCC, but I’m happy to volunteer my time to the success of the small group ministry. 
Spouse and Kids: Josh – Kaiden (9) & Adia (2)
Favorite Vacation: Cruise to the Bahamas with my husband in 2010. It was the first time we spent money on a vacation and we really needed it after going through 2 deployments. It wasn’t so much the cruise (although that was wonderful), but just getting quality time together. I’m due for another one. 
What would we find you doing on your day off? I clean house, cook for my family, work on church stuff, go to the YMCA, work on DIY home improvement projects and hang out with my family. (Look forward to Monday, so I don’t have to work as hard)
What’s a hobby/interest you have that people would find surprising? My hobbies include DIY home improvement (I have my own set of tools), scrapbooking, cooking, swimming, and since I always have to do this I’m going to try and thinking of laundry as a hobby.
 Most used emoji: 😄 This is my most used emoji. 😍 2nd most used. I guess I like to be encouraging and cheer other on. 
Briefly, what’s the most important thing you would want people to know about Jesus? The most important thing about knowing Jesus is that he was perfect, but his followers aren’t. As Christians we are imperfect people that are trying to seek God and do the best we can. With Jesus I’m not without trial or heartache, but I am able to bear those trials and pain because of Him. I honestly can’t image my life without the forgiveness of God. God has brought me all the best relationships in my life from my husband and children to friends and church family. Jesus is always welcoming me back to Him when I mess up. To me Jesus is like a perfect coach he loves you enough to push to be your best, he sits you down on the bench when you might hurt he rest of his team, he disciplines you when you foul, but he’s the first to cheer for you when you succeed.