Baby Pointing

At New Horizons, we recognize the challenges of raising children in today’s world. We are here to walk with you as parents and assist you in one of the most difficult and rewarding jobs you face, building a firm spiritual foundation in the lives of your sons and daughters.

The goal of our weekend Christian Education program for infants through 5th grade is to provide an enviroment where children can explore God’s world and His Word. Our prayer is that they will begin a relationship with Christ and learn how to maintain a close walk with Him.

What to expect:

Instructing to Listen

First, we want you to know that ALL of our Children’s Ministry workers and helpers have been “background checked” for your child’s safety and your peace of mind.

When you arrive with children, there will be a check-in cart on your left at the end of the hallway. From there, you will be assisted in finding the right classroom(s) for your child(ren). In the summer months, the kids usually gather on the supervised playground, directly behind the building, to get a few wiggles out before separating into their classes.

Some children transition better by having information ahead of time about their classroom setting, schedule, and people. It is often helpful to visit the setting with someone the child trusts. If this is the case with a child you will be bringing, please feel free to call the church office and schedule a preview earlier in the week so they can get to know the surroundings and meet a friendly face or two in a more relaxed atmosphere. We look forward to meeting you!




Elementary to Middle School